Unique Wedding Ideas: Keep Guests Talking About Your Special Day for Years

Let’s be honest; both you and your partner have probably been to a few weddings and in your head, you’ve thought, “Oh, I’ll never do that at my wedding,” or, “I could have done that way cooler,” or “I definitely want to do that at our wedding, but…” Well, if you are looking for some different, fun, and unique ideas to ensure that your wedding is set apart from the masses, look no further! 

Here are some ideas to get the juices flowing on how you can have the wedding of your (and your guests’) dreams!

Fun Food Finds

Rent a Mobile Bar

For outdoor weddings, mobile bars are all the rage lately, and they’re so adorable! There are so many different types and sizes out there–you’re sure to find one that fits you and your partner’s style and your reception space. 

Hire a Roaming Food Bar

Hire a caterer and waitstaff to walk around with an appetizer “bar”, a dessert “bar”, or even a coffee and tea bar! Delivering an assortment of apps, desserts and an end-of-the-night pick-me-up to your guests’ tables will surprise – and delight everyone on your list.

Last Call Food Truck

Have you ever been hungry after a wedding, even though you ate EVERYTHING provided? It’s probably because of all that dancing! A super fun way to make sure that when hunger strikes you’re ready to treat your guests to that second dinner is to have a food truck waiting when people depart from the reception. It will be a guaranteed hit!

I Scream You Scream…

We ALL scream for ice cream–especially after sweating it out on the dance floor. If you want to add a little panache with your cake, the perfect pairing would be an ice cream truck! Bring back the childhood memories with all your childhood friends! It also allows everyone to pick whatever sort of ice cream flavor they would like to pair with their slice of divine cake.

Give them S’mores

S’mores are perfect for weddings in every season. They encourage everyone to gather around a fire and enjoy a classic treat. Add a s’mores bar to your dessert offerings or forget about the cake altogether and choose this fun sweet ending to your special day instead.

Non-traditional Photo Booths

An Outdoor Frame of Mind

Having an outdoor wedding in the great wide open? Instead of trees and forest in the background, add to it by building a large spectacular frame out of wood and pinning some of your wedding flowers to the top and bottom. When it comes time to “kiss the bride”, your pictures will have a landscape of mountains, rivers, and trees, tucked inside a rustic frame.

Unique Backdrops & Props

Sure, you could use a simple solid backdrop and standard props for your photo booth, or you could get a little more creative by adding texture and creativity into the mix! Getting married at the beach? Why not have a giant beach ball as your main prop, with your names and/or wedding date added to it?

Getting hitched indoors? build a backdrop out of greenery, balloons, old windows, a painted mural, or even a custom quilt! Your photo booth can be as out-of-the-ordinary as you are!

Want to snap photos on the way to or from the ceremony or reception? Make your limo, van, or other transportation into a moving photo booth, complete with backdrop and fun props to make the ride that much more fun!

Impatient? Try Instant Cameras

Back in the “old days”, couples would sometimes put disposable cameras on each table, and invite guests to snap away. Today, we’re all about instant gratification, which makes instant cameras an even better way to get your guests to capture all the fun happening on your special day. Who knows what the backdrop for these photos will be!

No Flowers, No Problem

Want to be different and forego the expense of flowers on your wedding day? There are some beautiful (and fun!) alternatives:

Colorful Ribbon Wands

Will you have kids in your wedding? What’s more fun for them than being tasked with waving colorful wands down the aisle? You can attach long, thick ribbons to the top of these home-made painted wood wands. And let’s face it…the kids will have way more fun waving ribbons around vs. throwing rose petals down the aisle!

Lanterns (Real or Fake)

Night wedding? Castle setting? Amazon has some great antique-looking, battery operated, flickering lanterns that look realistic. However, if you’re looking to incorporate something old, you could have that old family friend bring that dusty lantern they found in their attic! Put some new and fresh wicks in there and have fun lighting up some lanterns for your wedding party with some real fire!

Fun with Feathers

Colorful feathers can be a fun alternative to flowers. Make them into a bouquet, add them to centerpieces and other decor; you can truly do so many things with them! Whether they’re long, short, grouped together or singular, they can be used in place of expensive flowers anywhere and everywhere. Mix and match feather types, sizes, and colors depending on your wedding colors and other designs used in your wedding and reception. 

Make Your Wedding Unique to You

Regardless of what you decide, be sure to remember that your wedding should be unique to your preferences, your style, and whatever makes you and your partner happy. Who says you have to follow old traditions? Start a NEW wedding tradition with your creative ideas, and watch it catch on. For more ideas on all things weddings, be sure to set up a consultation with Angela today!

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