Staying Calm During the Wedding Planning Process: Take a Break

It’s been a hectic few months getting ready for your wedding and you are stressed to the max. You’re getting pulled in all directions, trying to make everyone happy, making decision after decision, finding dresses, suits, and accessories, communicating with the ceremony and reception coordinator(s), fielding photographer, videographer, and entertainment questions, and so…much…more. 

We’re exhausted just reading this list out loud!

And whether your partner is totally into wedding planning or just going along for the ride, chances are, they’re starting to feel a little stressed and overwhelmed, too.

If you don’t take care of your physical and mental health during this time period, things can quickly become unmanageable. Planning a wedding can be stressful, but the goal is to not let it get to that point, at least, not to the point where the stress puts a damper on your happiness. At the end of the day, it should be a fun process and something that you will always remember as a time of peaceful planning, joy, and excitement. 

So, what can you do to unplug and focus on repairing your emotional well-being before your big day? Let’s look at a few options for self-care to help you keep your sanity–and your partner’s!

Ditch the Phone

A “digital detox” can really help! Here are some ideas to help you put the phone down.

  1. Schedule times away from screens throughout the day, whenever possible.
  2. Downgrade your phone by deleting apps (temporarily, at least), so you won’t be tempted to look and be distracted. 
  3. Turn your phone off at a certain time each day to ensure you are getting enough time off your device. 
  4. Create a “No Phones” area in your house. Watching a movie together? Leave the phones outside of the living room so you can cuddle with your love and just enjoy their presence.
  5. Try using pen and paper instead of a digital device for some things. There’s just something therapeutic about putting pen to paper. Buy a fun planner to make it more enjoyable; plus, you’ll have another cool keepsake to remember your day by.


Find a secluded place to hide away from it all. It could be a trail in the middle of the woods or a quiet spot in your home. Find a cabin in the woods or a skyline hotel room. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. Just find a place where you can spend some healthy alone time. Here are some ideas:

Do some journaling

What are you feeling during this chaotic time? What are the fun things you get to do during the planning phase of the wedding? What’s something you’re learning during this time about yourself? About your soon-to-be spouse?

Get lost in a book

Have you been meaning to read that book (or books) on your night table for a while? Dive in! Reading is a great way to escape without going anywhere.

Work on your vows

Brainstorm or meditate about what you’d like to say to your partner on your wedding day. Take this time to write a few things down about your future spouse that you love. By setting aside time to do this together, you’ll both feel prepared when it’s time to deliver your vows.

Pamper Yourself 

Does this need an explanation? You both deserve a spa day. Why not do it together? Here are some ideas while you’re there!

  • Shut off your phone. Now, go soak in a mud bath or sit in a sauna. 
  • Get your hair done. You can never start experimenting with the coloring and styling of hair too early. Try a new do and while you’re there, kill two birds with one stone and have your stylist finish your hair with the one you want to try out for your wedding day. Bring your spouse with you and have them try styling their hair, too. 
  • Get your nails done. You can also fool around with different nail/toe polish to find that perfect shade of white, off-white, or even a pretty shade of blue. Get manicures and/or massages together! You’ve BOTH worked hard and you both deserve to relax. 
  • Low on cash? Grab those candles, bubble baths, or a bath bomb, find some relaxing music, and just BE STILL and soak in your own tub!

Date Nights

Remember those? You know what they say; after you get married, continue to date. Here are some fun date ideas leading up to your big day to get in some practice:

  • Leave your phones in the car. Go out to breakfast, or dinner. Without any digital distractions, spend the time asking each other questions back and forth. Anything and everything is allowed! 
  • Enjoy each other's company. Take a walk in the middle of the day, or after dinner with your significant other and just be with one another.
  • Game night! Board games are so big right now and they have come out with some really fun ones. Invite some friends over (double date, maybe?) and spend time making each other laugh and just relax together.
  • Try exercising together. Go on a walk together or research some fun “couples” exercises. It will get your blood pumping and automatically shed that stress.

Now… Schedule It!

Regardless of what you decide to do to de-stress, the trick is to pick at least one relaxing activity and schedule it. Put it on your calendar, just like you would a doctor's appointment. This way you’ll know to schedule everything else around it. Treat it as though it is a priority in your life because guess what? It is! Do not feel guilty for putting yourself first. A happy and stress-free couple makes for a happy, stress-free environment for everyone, and a fun day to remember!

Happy de-stressing! If you need more ideas, suggestions, and fun ways to relax, set up a consultation with Angela today!

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