Start Off On the Right Foot: Getting Creative With Your Wedding Footwear

At this point, you’ve seen it all (when it comes to wedding footwear), right? Cowboy boots, flip flops, the ever-popular colored Converse – or sparkles everywhere. We are finding fewer traditional heels as couples choose to let their personalities shine through. So the question remains…which shoes fit you?

Couples, get ready to accessorize your wedding day attire with an equally personal shoe style. Cinderella’s glass slipper got NOTHING on these amazing options and ideas. Seriously; times have changed.

What’s Your Shoe Style?

Where’s Your Blue

Shoes are a great way to incorporate “something blue.” Go ahead, pull up that dress, and show off your favorite blue pumps or boots. Lift up that pant leg and show your friends you can play along, too. There are so many different shades of blue that you can even mix and match different hues to match or complement your spouse’s shade of blue. The thing you want to do here…have FUN with it! 

The Fairytale Shoe

Some brides want the whole fairy tale; they want to feel like Cinderella. If that’s your style, you’re in luck; glass is back, baby. There’s something so simple, yet elegant about slipping your foot into a clear and sheer-styled shoe. You can even add a studded bow at the front to top it off, or, if you want to take it one step further, you can even custom design your own glass slipper!


Want something even better than glass? You can order custom-designed shoes to fit whatever style fits your personality. Etsy is full of designers that will “Bedazzle'' your shoes professionally if that’s your thing. Add a little dazzle to ANY style of shoe you want–pumps, sneakers, boots, booties, you name it!

Boots for Everyone!

Whether or not you’re actually from somewhere where country style is the norm, that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend. White cowboy boots are SO in right now, especially for those barn-style weddings, and they come in just about any color and style you can imagine. The best part? These are SO comfortable that you will never want to take them off. Just be careful on the dance floor and look out for bare feet! You do NOT want to step on someone’s toes with these.

Never Fall Flat

A lot of tall brides (or grooms!) actually prefer to wear flats on their big day so as to tower over their partner. However, that is NOT an excuse to buy a boring shoe. Flats can still be fun. You should feel unique, special, and stylish with each and every part of your appearance. Think glamorous with satin lace around ribbon or feathers to really add some elegance. Whatever you do, don’t let your shoes get lost beneath the rest of your attire. Let them shine!


Who says you can’t wear sneakers on your wedding day? Well, except for maybe your mother-in-law? Prove to her that sneakers can still be stylish and nice-looking. Or better yet, prove that your wedding is about what you want, and that's… sneakers. We love adding satin laces and pearls to our favorite pair of white sneaks. You can glam them up with some translucent and fun glitter, or add your favorite tinted glitter colors for that extra sparkle. You can also completely match your partner's footwear; make it something fun and special you share that you’ll remember for years. 

Flip Flops Aren’t A Flop

Garden wedding? Beach them? Tropical destination? Throw some beautiful florals or other beach-themed patterns on your sandals and make them festive. You could even choose a sandal with a wedge for a little bit of height so you can still walk with pride through that garden or beach sand on your day. Imagine dancing all night without the aching feet!

Pump it Up

Last, but certainly not least; pumps are always a great choice. And luckily, there are so many different pumps nowadays. You can do a short heel, a tall heel, a square heel, skinny heel, platform, wedge, strappy, strapless, simple, or extravagant. You can find them with lace, pearls, feathers, and satin ties–the choices are endless. Mix and match with your spouse’s pocket square, tie, or cuff links just for fun!

In This Toe-gether

Regardless of the shoes you buy, you can always try to add something special to the bottom of them–something memorable and meaningful. Here are some fun ideas you can share with your significant other:

  1. Write the date of your wedding on the bottom of both shoes.
  2. Write a special message on the bottom for your spouse, and have them do the same to yours.
  3. Script a copy of your simple wedding vows on the bottom of these special shoes.
  4. Write “I Do” on the bottom so when your spouse takes you in their arms for your first dance, you can showcase the bottom of your shoes.

Happy shoe shopping! Need help figuring out everything else that comes with planning a wedding? Set up a consultation with Angela today.

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