Popping the Other Question: Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

You just got the most beautiful proposal from the love of your life, and it inspired you to be creative about asking your bridesmaids to be part of your wedding. You've seen so many of these done, and you're wondering how can you make yours different and unique.

First of all, it hasn't all been done, and for your future bridesmaids, it may very well be the first time they've been asked to be in someone's wedding, so don't stress too much. It will likely be an honor just to be asked, no matter how you do it. But, if you're looking to have some fun with this part of the wedding planning, here are some tips.

Make it Personal

If you really want to make the moment special for your wedding party, you've got to make it personal. For each person you invite to be a part of your special day, think about the following:

  • How long have you known each other? 2 years? Your entire life?
  • Would this person appreciate something more heartfelt or humorous? A mix of both?
  • Is this a fairly new relationship who you have become fast friends with? 
  • How and where did you meet this person?
  • What meaningful (or hilarious) experiences have you shared together?

Unique Ways to Pop the Other Question

Now, let's dive in with some thoughtful and unique ways to ask your bridesmaid to be part of your special day.


Customize a puzzle that asks, "Pop the champagne, be my bridesmaid?" and make them put it together with you. Just as they're putting the last piece in place, get on one knee holding their favorite bottle of champagne, ready to pop!

Barefoot Babes

After an entire night dancing in heels, they'll want to get out of those heels and switch into something comfortable. Barefoot is always fun, but why not gift them some personalized slippers, oversized socks, or furry flip flops they can use after your wedding while incorporating your question into a personal card, attached?

Destination Wedding?

Personalized passport holders are SO in right now. You can find some amazing ones at bando.com for only $24!

"I Can't Say 'I Do' Without You" Tote Bag

Everyone needs more tote bags, right? Provide real-life examples of why you need your friend to be in your wedding in little note forms, and stick them on items you've placed inside the bag. For example, you could include a pretty journal, their favorite candy, a bottle of wine, a favorite writing utensil, etc.

 Keep it Social

If your friend is uber social, tag them on social media! Post your "ask" video on their social channel of choice, so it's a complete surprise to them, and post it to your account, too, so everyone knows how special they are to you!

Custom Jewelry 

Customizing jewelry is always the way to a lady's heart if you have a little bit of a budget. You could have the inside of a ring or necklace pendant engraved or include your birthstone along with hers in a necklace, bracelet, or ring as a reminder of your forever friend. But be careful not to make it all about your wedding and more about how much they mean to you as a friend. Engraving their name with yours or some sort of friendship token will not go unappreciated. 

Party Time!

Host a party with the girls you want to ask, and bring a cake and decorate it with "Will You Be My Bridesmaids?" 

Wine and Dine Her

There's just something about ladies and brunch. It's the perfect girl hang – and the perfect opportunity to ask your bestie to be your bridesmaid! But if you're more of a lunch or dinner gal, taking her out for a nice meal any time of day and surprising her with one of these fun gift options is sure to go over well.

Timing Your Bridesmaid Proposal

Wondering when to pop that question? It's best to ask your bridesmaids to be part of your special day within two or three months of getting engaged, if not sooner. This lets your friends know you want them part of your special day before they start wondering... It also gives them enough lead time to start planning all of your events so they can give you exactly what you want. 

How Much Should You Spend on a Bridesmaid Proposal Gift?

You don't have to do a bridesmaid proposal, so what you spend is completely up to you if you do. For a small wedding party, up to $100 each is completely appropriate, especially with engraving items since they will run you more than the average tote bag. If you have a large party, going with one of the above options that aren't necessarily the most expensive might be the best way to go, and keeping it at or around $25 dollars each.

At the end of the day, the only thing that really matters about asking is that you try to do it thoughtfully and show them how much you value their friendship. If you need help figuring out everything else that comes with planning a wedding, set up a consultation with Angela today!

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