How to Pick the Right Wedding Planner

8 Questions to Ask During Your Consultation

Planning a wedding is a fun, yet complicated journey that often demands more time, energy, and expertise than anticipated! This is where a wedding planner can be helpful to have by your side. Your wedding planner will be your guiding light throughout the process, ensuring that your vision becomes a reality. They will not only streamline the process, but guide you through a maze of choices and decisions. 

Not only do you have to consider what services you want and need, but also decide which company is a good fit for your wedding. So how do you know which planner is going to be the best for you? Finding a wedding planner who aligns with your personality is as vital as finding the perfect wedding attire or the ideal venue. Weddings are deeply personal celebrations, reflective of your unique style and preferences. A wedding planner who understands your personality not only ensures a smoother planning process but also helps in curating a day that truly feels like 'you’, so it’s key to find someone that you can effortlessly exchange ideas and expectations with.

Remember, your wedding planner is not just a logistical coordinator but a partner in crafting an unforgettable celebration that mirrors your love and personalities. Take the time to find a planner who not only boasts expertise but also shares a genuine connection with you. It will make all the difference in creating the wedding day you've always dreamed of.

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To make sure you're on the same page and set for success, there are important questions to ask before securing your wedding planner's services.

We’ve listed our top 8 questions to ask during your consultation. 

1. Will the design process be collaborative?

Some people are really excited about doing this themselves, while others want an expert eye looking at their aesthetic choices. 

Our full planning Service includes design allowing us to work side by side from concept to execution. We also offer this service as  an optional add on to Wedding Management which is very popular with our clients!

2. Can you show me a wedding you’ve planned at a similar price point or venue?

In the world of social media, you have most likely taken a peek at the planner’s work before having a consultation, but it is important to know similar results are possible within your budget and at your venue. 

All of the photos you see on AMW materials and social media are from weddings that we planned! We have lots of beautiful galleries and would be happy to highlight one that represents a similar price point or venue to your wedding.

3. How many people from your team will be onsite during our event?

This one is important because it can affect budgeting and can interact with the amount of staff that your venue will be providing. Your planner’s team should reflect the specific needs of your wedding. 

Our team always consists of one lead and one assistant at a minimum. Many factors are considered when determining our staffing needs.

4. Who will we work with if we secure your services, and will they be our point person during the entire planning process?

Having a good relationship with your planner is crucial to the process! You’ll want to make sure that you meet with the person who you will be working with.  When working with a larger firm with multiple planners, you may not meet with your planner at the first consultation meeting. If you love the company you are considering, don't be afraid to request a follow up meeting with them before making your decision!

At AMW, all clients will consult with Angela and work primarily with her throughout the planning journey. We have a few other amazing Wedding Day Managers who might be with you on the day of your wedding. If this is the case, you will be made aware of this and have the opportunity to meet them beforehand as well. 

5. What is your communication style?

Not everyone processes information the same way! Feel free to ask in your consultation about how ideas will be shared. So much information has to be passed from planner to client and vice versa. What’s the best way for you to keep track of that? Express your preferences and talk about the format of your communication. 

6. How do you handle a rain plan and who makes the final call?

Rainy wedding days happen all the time! We want to help you make a rain plan that you are happy with. It’s always important to discuss this possibility with your vendor team. 

7. Have you planned other events at our venue?

If you have already secured your venue, it is great to talk to them about the planners they recommend. Working with a planner who is familiar with the venue does have its advantage but shouldn’t be the only deciding factor when ruling out a planner. 

We have worked with dozens of venues in the area. That being said, we also love visiting new venues and working with private residence weddings!

8. Do you offer evening or weekend appointments?

When do you have time to work on wedding planning and take meetings? If both members of the couple work a nine-to-five, and the planner’s office is only open during those times, it can be tricky to find time to work together.

We offer flexible scheduling and hope to be able to accommodate your busy life!

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These are great discussion topics for your consultations with any planner, and we hope that everyone will be able to find the right fit! If you liked what you read about our company, be sure to set up a consultation with Angela today!

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