How to Bring Your Interests into Your Wedding Without Forcing Them on Your Guests

You and your partner probably have some interests in common. You might have even met through a Dungeons and Dragons group, on a basketball team, or at a cooking class! It makes complete sense that you would want to incorporate those interests into your wedding. But, what’s the best way to do that without making your guests uncomfortable? We’ve put together some ideas and guidelines for you here. 

  • If your interest is a game of some kind, sports or otherwise, you don’t want to make everyone play. Giving Grandma Suzie a LARP character might not go over so well, and neither would pushing lacrosse sticks into the hands of a bunch of people wearing fancy shoes. Don’t worry, you can still play your game! 
    • How about creating a simplified version for the two of you to compete at for your guests’ entertainment? 
    • Or, maybe your entire soccer team is present at the wedding! It would be more appropriate to schedule a wedding day scrimmage for those who already participate in the sport in their free time. 
    • If you play an extended game, make sure to include alternative activities for guests who may not want to sit and watch. 
  • If the guests will need to purchase any sort of equipment to participate in your activity, it’s a no-go. Even if you suggest that their purchase would be their wedding gift to you, it is inappropriate for you to require them to buy something that they will never use again after your wedding. 
    • In the same vein, unfortunately, requiring costumes more specific than a level of formality (casual, cocktail, black-tie) or a simple color scheme (black and white, pastels) is not appropriate. 
    • If you want a mermaid wedding, the tails and bikinis will have to be just for the wedding party. Every guest should be allowed to wear what they will be comfortable in. 
  • Don’t hesitate to decorate with items related to your activity! This is one of the best ways to personalize your wedding. 
    • Table numbers or names are often specific to the couples’ journey or interests. We’ve seen tables themed to travels, books, pets, and more! 
    • Favors can also be a great way to introduce your friends and family to your interest. Perhaps a sample of your homemade soap, candy, or craft could involve your guests with your hobby.
  • You could incorporate your interest into your day by performing some kind of unity ceremony related to it! 
    • For example, if you love gardening together, you could plant a tree together during your ceremony.
    •  If you’re dancers, you could elaborately choreograph your first dance. 
    • If you are both avid readers, you could read each other romantic passages from your favorite books as part of your vows. Anything that would make you two feel connected is an absolute yes!

You can incorporate any event you want for the guests to watch, just be careful with what you ask them to do. In order to make sure everyone has a great time at your wedding, plan festivities that will appeal to everyone, and try not to make anything mandatory. 

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