Creative Wedding Favors Your Guests Can Actually Use

How many weddings have you been to where you have either lost, thrown out, or broken the wedding favor you were given? Have you ever thought, “What a waste of money!”, or “What is the point of favors, anyway?”

What if there was an alternate way to ensure your wedding favors would stand the test of time? What if you could find favors that guests could use practically in day-to-day life? And, what if you could even save money by using favors that double as decorations for your wedding? 

Here are some creative ideas to ensure your wedding favors don’t get thrown away before they get home…or worse, left on the table!

Two-for-one Favors

There are several great ways to have your wedding favors to double as your guests' table cards AND as their take-home thank you gifts. Here are a few ideas:

  • Wine stoppers are always in demand. Try finding ones with tops that allow you to personalize them with your guest’s name and table number. 
  • Summer wedding? Cute individual honey jars with twine and a tag can be a sweet thank-you gift with summer vibes.
  • Mini plants with tags (maybe even personalized?) are a fun way to remember your day.
  • You can’t lose with chocolate! Get creative with this one by hand-making the tags and sticking a toothpick into a wrapped chocolate ball of your choice.
  • Dress up your dessert table: Picture a hanging teacup wall with tags listing your guests' names and table numbers in your summer garden wedding! It will pair nicely with the pot of coffee on the table when it’s time for dessert.
  • Mason jars are so versatile, and you can’t have too many of these. You could even add some straws for an additional pop of color based on the time of year or your wedding palette. 

Useful Favor Ideas

If you want to ensure your favors get used (at least once!), here are some ideas for favors that your guests may actually find practical–other than as a keepsake from your wedding day.

    • Personalized paddle fans: Add your NEW last name or wedding date. On a hot day, they’ll be scouring the closet for these!
    • Vintage key bottle openers: It’s always a good idea to have a bottle opener around, especially vintage ones!
    • Taper candles or floating bath candles: Everyone loves candles! They make great decorations for all kinds of occasions. 
    • Mini, dried flower bouquets: No need to worry about these drying out; they come that way!
    • Flower seed packets with soil and a mini planter: Great for late winter/early spring weddings to inspire your guests to get gardening.
    • Keychains in your wedding colors: The heavy-duty clasp ones are always a hit.
    • Customized coffee mugs: Great for tea, hot cocoa, or coffee at the reception's end!
    • Loose-leaf teas in glass medicine bottles: An adorable way to store tea long-term.
    • Himalayan salt shot glasses: I mean, do we even need an explanation for this one?!
    • Tumblers: Another thing you can never have too many of. Dress them up with glitter or customize them with your names and wedding date.
  • Leather luggage tags/passport holders: Anyone who travels often will appreciate this thoughtful gift.
  • Leather journals embossed with you and your spouse's favorite quote/saying: Journals are a timeless, elegant –and useful–gift for anyone.
  • Moscow Mule mugs: Something many people don’t typically splurge on but will love to add to their collection of mugs.
  • Handmade soaps: These are always such a great gift idea, AND you know your reception will smell delightful!
  • Olive oil: Sure, these may be somewhat different, and yet, you know they’ll get used! Find some tiny bottles and your favorite oils, and, voila!
  • Coasters: These come in all styles, shapes, and designs. You can also have your guests’ names added to them and use them for table placements, too.
  • Deck of cards: Customize a deck of cards to match your wedding theme!

On a Budget?

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are some things couples choose to go big on, and others they want to keep to a smaller budget. If favors are the thing you’ve decided not to go all out on, that doesn’t mean you can’t still come up with some creative gifts your guest will love. Here are a few fun and creative things you can do to help your wallet without sacrificing the quality of your gift. 

  • Personalized stemless wine glasses: Who doesn’t need more wine glasses? Add your wedding date to make them extra special.
  • Homemade champagne lollipops: These will surely be used because they are so delicious! 
  • Wedding tea favors in jars: If you’re a tea lover, then these will be perfect! With corked jars, they come in at around $2, with customizable tags that are available for “cheap” as well!
  • Handmade biodegradable plantable flower seed paper: These can be made into different shapes and sizes to match your wedding theme. Guests take them home and plant them, and they will forever remember your special day when their plants sprout up from the ground! 

Show Your Appreciation Your Way

Whatever you decide, the bottom line is that you can put a lot of thought into it without spending a lot of money. What matters most is that you show your appreciation; it doesn’t matter how you show it. Whether you’re keeping favors simple or going all in, remember to shop local when you can and support small businesses on Etsy!

For more ideas on all things wedding-related, be sure to set up a consultation with Angela today!

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