Creative Alternatives to Traditional Registries

Back in the day, most couples typically opted for a traditional registry, because, well, that was tradition. It made sense, because traditionally, couples were starting their lives together and needing everything from kitchenware and linens to room decor, and more for their new home. 

But today, many couples may already be cohabitating or may already have all of the above, because of the many ways marital traditions have changed over the years. Sure, it can be fun to shop for all the things you and your soon-to-be spouse want or need, but, what if you already have everything you need? 

So now the question becomes; what would you like to have moving forward to make your home more complete or up-to-date? Or, what if you don’t need any things, but you want to experience things with your other half? 

We compiled a list of a few creative alternatives to the traditional registry that are just as fun and still serve the purpose of giving your guests ideas for gifts!

Couples Who Cook Together…

Cooking Lessons

Find a few different places to take cooking lessons with your partner. You could learn anything from sculpting homemade dishes to baking the perfect dessert. You’ll be ready to host any amount of brunches or dinners after these classes! You could even make it a series. If you get eight people to purchase one lesson, that’s two months' worth of Friday night date nights learning something that you will incorporate for the rest of your lives together!

Meal Prep Services

How about asking for healthy pre-cooked meals from stores like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, or Daily Harvest? We all know life is hectic and these meals could come in handy as you are navigating the integration of your lives together. An entire year of free food sounds pretty enticing, especially for couples with limited free time–which is most of us these days, isn’t it?

Bartending Skills & Tools

Speaking of the kitchen, have you ever thought of taking bartending lessons together–just for fun? You could get a professional mixologist to teach you the ins and outs of creating the perfect cocktails for your guests. Have you ever thought of hosting a cocktail hour? Now you can not only play bartender for the night BUT you can also add nice bar set items to your registry, along with asking for money toward creating a personal bar space in your home!

A Spa Day is MORE Than OK

Many people say that the first few months of marriage can be tricky. You may be learning about how to co-exist, or, if you’re already used to living together, you may now have the added pressure of making that feel different and exciting now that you’re hitched. 

What if the answer to all the stress was literally to just take it away? How many times have you gone to a spa and relaxed by yourself, secretly wishing your better half was with you enjoying those moments as well? Why not let your registry be filled with things like the following to ensure date nights still continue after saying “I Do”?

  1. Couples massages–there’s nothing more romantic, or relaxing!
  2. Pedicures–complete with foot massages–are better together.
  3. Facials–yes, men need those pores cleaned out too!
  4. Soaking in a citrus-infused hot tub, together? Yes, please!
  5. Flotation therapy–opt for side-by-side pods so you be alone, together.
  6. Salt caves–also known as halotherapy–help cleanse your body of all that negative energy!
  7. Saunas and steam baths boost heart health, so your hearts can beat for each other even longer!
  8. Insert your favorite relaxation therapy activity here!

Brownie (or Flight?) Points!

If you love to travel, asking for points to fund your next trip is the perfect idea for your registry. Flight points, hotel points, and rental car points can all go on your registry! Just be sure that you’re pointing people to the same airlines, hotel chains, or rental car companies, or things could get complicated! You can do so many things with these points, but you must promise (mostly yourselves) to use these for your honeymoon or for date nights to Paris, of course.

Fund Your Favorite Activities

Life can be SO boring…but only if you let it! There are so many fun things to do together and there are so many new membership ideas that can help you do them! Are you a couple that LOVES camping? Ask for a campsite membership! Do you love movie nights? Ask for an online streaming TV service or movie membership to have your own Netflix/HBO/Hulu movie nights! Do you enjoy great breweries or vineyards? Get them sent to you on a monthly basis with a wine or beer subscription all from your wedding guests!

Keep Learning Together

Are you finding yourselves to be that adventurous couple who is ready to take on the world? Depending on what type of vacations you take, or where you’re going on your honeymoon, there are some amazing date ideas that you can ask for on your registry. Never stop learning and try one of these fun and exciting things!

  • Surfing. Taking turns helping one another up on your boards will be fun (and also, maybe humorous!)
  • Snowboarding/Skiing. Aspen, anyone?
  • Horseback Riding. Find a dude ranch and live there together for a few weeks. Get to know and love the beauty of the mountains and their inhabitants. 
  • Hablas Espanol? Learn a new language together!

Your Registry Can Be Whatever You Want it to Be

You can pretty much add anything and everything you want to your registry. The most important thing is to keep it unique to you. What are you actually going to use? Or, what is it that you’ll really want to do with your spouse? 

Ask for money to help fund that downpayment on your house. Or, ask them to donate to your favorite charity, closest to your heart. Want to start an art wall in your house? Ask for fun pieces to add to your collection. Anything goes nowadays, and you might as well as for what you really want, right?

For more ideas and unique finds for your special day be sure to set up a consultation with Angela today!

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