7 Reasons to Hire a Professional Wedding Planner

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Sure, DIY weddings can be fun, but, really, who has the time for that? As if your schedule weren’t full enough, just getting engaged can add a few additional social events to your calendar – before any of the actual wedding planning begins. 

Imagine all the dinners you’ll have to coordinate to announce the exciting news in a personal way. Then, there’s scoping out venues until you find the perfect one. And of course, you can’t just ask someone straight out to be in your wedding; you’ve got to come up with something creative and significant, so they feel special and appreciated. 

And then, deciding what to wear and where to find the perfect wedding outfit, that’s another thing to add to your growing list of things to do. Before you even know what hit you, you’ve already got your hands full. It might be tough to carve out time in between all the excitement to create unique centerpieces and thoughtful favors to delight your guests. 

Of course, if that’s your thing – DIY away! But even so, you still might want to consider hiring a wedding planner, if for no other reason than to keep your sanity. Even if you do have the time to add a little personal flair to your wedding planning, wouldn’t you rather have someone else take care of most of the time-consuming, stress-inducing tasks?

I see you nodding your head…

What’s Involved in Planning a Wedding, anyway?

We’re so glad you asked! The thing is –many people have no idea what it feels like to plan a wedding — until they start. And, the awesome thing about hiring a wedding planner is that they know exactly what’s involved in planning a wedding, and they have perfected the process for making this very special day go as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. 

Everyone’s wedding planning journey is slightly different, but it often starts with picking a date and a venue, narrowing down a menu (complete with options for different palates and food allergies). Then, there’s finalizing the guest list, and creating a seating chart.

Before, after, and in between all the above, there’s ongoing communication with each of your vendors — the DJ, the florist, the venue coordinator, etc. This often involves filling out forms, answering lots of questions, making deposits, and scheduling calls and/or meetings to hash out the details. As your wedding date approaches, calls and invoices start coming in, along with last-minute RSVPs and cancellations. 

Unless you do this for a living, it can be really overwhelming to handle all the chaos without a little help. A wedding planner’s job is to take as much of the above off YOUR plate, so that you and your guests can just relax and enjoy the day, knowing everything is taken care of, and all you have to do is show up, and say, “I do.”

Yes, You Do Need a Wedding Planner

We know that you could do all the wedding planning and coordinating yourself. People do it all the time. But, imagine, not having to worry about all of the little things that come up between the moment you get engaged and the end of the wedding ceremony and/or reception. 

And on your wedding day, wouldn’t you rather be thinking about whether your makeup looks okay, or if your tie is tied right? Hopefully, your wedding party will help you out there, but for everything else — your wedding planner has it covered. 

Still not sure why or if you need a wedding planner? First — yes, you do. And here’s why:

  1. Enjoy Your Engagement

A wedding is a major event to plan. Even if you love planning events, do you really want to spend your engagement handling all the aspects of planning a large and complex event? Wouldn’t you rather spend the time leading up to your wedding day doing fun, stress-free things? By hiring a wedding planner, you can enjoy this time with your fiancé and be as involved in the preparations as you want to be.

  1. Build a Team of Amazing Vendors

Wedding vendors will almost always try to do what’s best for the couple, but they rarely coordinate much with each other. A good wedding planner knows how to mesh all the vendors into one cohesive team, working together to deliver the best wedding possible. All you have to do is sit back and watch them work their magic.

  1. Tie Up Loose Ends Leading Up to Your Wedding

You’ve more than likely never planned an event quite like a wedding; there are a lot of little details that need to be “buttoned up” before the big day. The month before your wedding can get very hectic, as vendors start looking for last-minute confirmations, final invoices have to be paid, and dozens (if not hundreds) of other details need to be finalized. It’s easy for things to fall through the cracks during this crazy-busy time. Your wedding planner will be on top of all this, ensuring that everything has been taken care of, while you focus on looking forward to your day.

  1. Your Day Is Efficiently Scheduled

Wedding day schedules are complicated things and can be hard to get right – even for a pro! There are a lot of people doing a lot of different things, and it’s hard to know how much time is needed for the various parts of the day. Your wedding planner wants to make sure that you and your friends and family can enjoy the entire day, without feeling rushed. They will work with you to make sure you have enough time to get everything done, while not making the day feel like one big whirlwind.

  1. Don’t Lift a Finger at Your Wedding

Many couples underestimate the amount of setup and coordination required for an event as large as a wedding. Your other vendors will cover some of it, but there will still be a lot of work left to do leading up to the day, and on the day of. You’ll need someone to manage your wedding day, to help take care of all those little details so that you don’t have to.

  1. Don’t Do Any Wrangling

A wedding doesn’t just involve a lot of planning; it also involves a lot of people. These people don’t always know exactly where they are supposed to be at any given time – or why they are supposed to be there. Your wedding planner and their assistants will keep you from frantically trying to find people and get them where they need to be for important parts of the event.

  1. Spend More Time with Your Guests

More important than anything, your wedding planner allows you to be a guest at your own wedding. A wedding is a special day to share with your closest friends and family. By hiring a wedding planner, you’ll be free to relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones while we keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes.

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