7 Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Cake

Aside from the main affair — you and your loved one exchanging vows — what’s on the menu is arguably one of the most important parts of planning a wedding your guests will talk about for years to come. While choosing the food for your wedding can be a bit overwhelming, it can also be a lot of fun! When it comes to picking hors d’oeuvres, salad toppings and dressings, and side dishes to go with the main meal, there are seemingly endless options.

And, as if figuring out the cocktail hour food, the appetizers and the main meal weren’t enough, then comes the daunting task of choosing a decadent dessert! No wedding celebration is complete without the couple shoving (or nicely placing) cake in each others’ mouths, right? Or is it? These days, not everyone is opting for the traditional wedding cake as part of their wedding day celebration. Why not? Because there are so many other cool — and delicious — dessert options out there!

Fun Alternative Wedding Desserts to Try

Don’t get us wrong; there’s no question that cake is always a great choice because almost everyone loves cake. However, if you’re looking for some unique options that are a bit less traditional, there’s definitely no shortage of alternatives.

Whoopie Pies & Macarons

If you’re all about a multilayered dessert with different flavors and textures, whoopie pies and macaroons are the perfect alternative to the wedding cake. As if the name of the dessert itself — whoopie pies — weren’t fun enough just to say, these little handheld treats come in multiple sizes and flavors, so you can customize them based on your guests’ preferences or just mix it up and see what happens! If you’re looking for something a little smaller and more colorful, macaroons are a fun way to create an edible piece of art by arranging them by color on your dessert table. If you do decide to go with macarons, be sure to order extra, because they will go fast, and you don’t want anyone missing out on these flavorful, fun desserts.

Cookies & Pastries

Another dessert option that doesn’t involve any cake-cutting is cookies. You can keep it simple or go all in, starting with your basic chocolate chip or sugar cookie or opting for custom-designed cookies with your initials and/or special messages frosted on. If cookies aren’t your thing, everyone is sure to love an assortment of breakfast pastries. From lemon squares and chocolate scones to fruit-filled puff pastries, everyone is bound to find a favorite on the dessert table. Again, these handheld-sized desserts often go quicker than a thick slice of cake, so you’ll need to plan accordingly.

Mini Pies/Cake Pops

Sure, you could buy a whole bunch of pies and cut them up and have them served individually, but why? Mini pies are so much cuter, and so much easier to serve — no knives or forks needed! Plus, you can have just about every flavor of pie imaginable on the table, so everyone gets their first choice. Cake pops are another fun option that doesn’t require individual dishes and can be eaten in just one savory bite. Mix up the cake and frosting flavors and add sprinkles and other fun toppings to make for a colorful dessert display.

Chocolate Mousse/Tiramisu/Cheesecake Bites

Nowadays, little dessert bites are really where it’s at. Instead of investing in a multi-tiered, beautifully decorated cake that will eventually get devoured, you could opt for little dessert bites, serving anything from chocolate mousse cups to tiramisu, cheesecake, chocolate cream pie, and more. Serving little portions of a variety of desserts makes your decision easier when it comes to choosing what kind of cake or dessert you want to offer because you really don’t have to choose at all. Just about every dessert can be made into mini bite-size portions, allowing your guests to try a couple of different options to end the night.

Ice Cream Sandwiches/Cones/Sundae Bar

If you’re getting married during the summer or warmer months, ice cream for dessert is always appreciated. However, you have to be sure you have somewhere to properly store the ice cream, of course, or this dessert option could end up a sticky, melted disaster. But, assuming your caterer and wedding planner have food storage under control, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cones, or even a self-serve sundae bar are all fun dessert ideas for those sizzling summer weddings.

S’mores/Chocolate Fountains/Candy Bar

Self-serve desserts are always a great way to get your guests excited about dessert. Serve up s’mores with different options for chocolate, and set up a fire pit for guests to roast marshmallows to perfection. Find as many different types of candy and set up a candy bar, complete with candy scoops and paper bags for collecting all that sugar. Or, if you can swing it, renting a chocolate fountain and letting people dip fruit and other sweets in it is another fun way to serve dessert.

Cupcakes & Brownies

Don’t want to stray too far from tradition and still want something to cut or feed to your partner to serve as the “cake-cutting ceremony”? Cupcakes and brownies are great for stacking to make them look like one big cake, but can easily be served because they’re already in individual-sized pieces. Plus, you can still totally shove a cupcake up your partner’s nostrils if that’s what you’ve been dreaming of all your life. If not, then you can also feed them to each other in a more civilized manner and avoid getting frosting all over your glamorous wedding attire.

Cake AND…Fill in the Blank

Can’t make up your mind about whether you want a traditional cake-cutting ceremony or if your grandmother will be disappointed there’s no chocolate cake? You can always get a small cake and then add any of the above options for your guests. That way you and your partner can still experience the traditional cake-cutting ceremony, but you can also add your own, personalized twist to the menu by choosing an alternative dessert option as well.

Here to Help with Tough Decisions

Overwhelmed by the options for what to serve for dessert at your wedding? Not seeing a dessert option you like? Angela Marie Weddings will help you decide which type of dessert makes sense based on your preferences, your budget, your guest count, and more. Set up a consultation with us today!

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