2022 Wedding Trends: New and Popular Trends Here to Stay

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It’s hard to believe that we’re already talking about 2022 wedding trends. With 2020 and 2021 wedding trends being completely unpredictable, knowing what to expect for the 2022 wedding season has been a bit tricky. The pandemic has significantly changed the way people are getting married, leaving us all wondering what trends will stick around in 2022, and which may be left behind for good.

What we do know is that the following trends have been picking up over the past couple of years, and there’s a good chance they’ll continue into 2022.

  1. Outdoor & Backyard Weddings

Outdoor weddings have been a popular wedding style for some time; there’s nothing quite like having the beauty of nature as a backdrop on your special day. Even a small backyard wedding, with the right decorations and setup, offers an ambiance that just can’t be created in a larger, indoor venue. Of course, getting the weather to cooperate can be a challenge, so planning an outdoor wedding does have some risks. Tented outdoor weddings are a great solution to minimize the chance of your wedding party and guests ending up soaking wet in the middle of a field. With pandemic restrictions and concerns changing daily, outdoor weddings have definitely become more popular as gatherings of any kind feel safer when they can be held outside.

  1. Dried Florals, Greenery & Earthy Tones

Going along with the outdoor wedding trend, it makes sense that creating an “earthy” feel would be a top trend that’s sure to continue into the new year and beyond. There’s just something about incorporating shades of green and brown, paired with light pinks, blues, and shades of cream that make for a delightful wedding design, especially if it’s being held in a backyard garden or other outdoor space. Add in some aromatic dried florals to complete the look, not to mention they are the perfect inexpensive alternative to fresh blooms.

  1. Extreme DIY

Many couples enjoy having some aspect of their wedding planning and decor be at least a little DIY.  It makes it that much more personal and unique. And, while DIY projects can be a lot of fun, they can also be quite time-consuming and are not always a cheaper alternative. However, due to increasing supply shortages and shipping delays, a lot of couples have been choosing to get their hands dirty and go all out with handmade decorations. For those who have the time and enjoy being crafty, this is a great trend! We’ll definitely see an increase in DIY weddings in 2022, and it will be interesting to see how creative and resourceful couples will be.

  1. Intimate Weddings & Pre-Weddings 

Amidst so many unknowns and restrictions for gathering, many couples are choosing to have small, intimate weddings in their backyard or in a special destination, near or far. Planning just one wedding is enough for many couples, but some are feeling like they missed out on the big celebration they had been dreaming of. Therefore, many couples are having “pre-weddings”, which are often small and simple — or even remote, streaming live — followed by a plan for a larger, more extravagant wedding celebration to be held in the future. 

  1. Digital Invites

Wedding invitations can be fun to design and are such a classic wedding tradition, that it’s difficult to imagine a time when we might ditch the paper invites altogether. However, today’s digital world makes sending and tracking invitations much more simple and cost-effective, so it feels like sending paper invitations could slowly be phased out. But we have seen a lot more couples sending “Save-the-Dates”, instead of full invitations with RSVP cards and return envelopes, so we expect at least some form of the physical invite will continue into 2022.

  1. Sustainable/Eco-friendly Weddings

Speaking of phasing out paper invites, couples are becoming a lot more eco-conscious, particularly with regard to the amount of energy consumed and waste created by holding a traditional wedding celebration. Some partners are making a point to use sustainable and eco-friendly products and to be more aware of their wedding’s footprint on the environment, which often means avoiding single-use dishware and plastic, using recycled paper (or using digital technology instead), and even creating an eco-friendly registry.

  1. Food Truck Catering

Another trend that has grown as a result of the pandemic is wedding food trucks, especially for outdoor weddings. Similar to a buffet-style dinner, food trucks offer a fun way to serve your guests food without having to have a sit-down dinner or worry about setting up an area to serve the food from. Plus, there are so many different types of food trucks out there, so you will have plenty of options to choose from, and you can mix and match tracks to make your food offerings diverse and accommodating. We can’t wait to see how this trend evolves throughout the 2022 wedding season.

  1. Alcohol-Free Drinks + Mocktails

One of the best parts about going to a wedding is the food and drinks — and of course, to see the lovely couple say, “I do!” With many wedding receptions including cocktail hour, champagne toasts, and after-parties, alcohol is traditionally a big part of the wedding reception activities. Whether it’s complimentary or available from a cash bar, most guests assume there will be alcohol served. But when it comes to nonalcoholic drinks, the options are usually limited to water, tea, and coffee. More recently, couples have started to get crafty with offering tasty alcohol-free drinks and delicious mocktails for their guests who don’t drink alcohol or have agreed to be the designated driver. What a great way to ensure everyone can eat, drink, be merry — and be safe!

These are just a few of the popular wedding trends we’ve seen heating up or staying strong, and we expect them to continue into 2022 and perhaps, well into the future. If there’s a new or traditional wedding trend you want to incorporate into your big day, Angela Marie Weddings would love to help your perfect wedding vision come to life. Schedule a consultation with Angela today to get started!

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