The difference between a good wedding and the perfect wedding? It’s in the details!

So when Angela Desrochers – a former data analyst – decided to switch gears and become a wedding planner, she found just the right fit: a career that merged her detail-oriented skill set with a passion for creating an unforgettable event.

Angela earned her wedding planner certificate in 2014 through Ashworth College. Her thorough training – combined with years of planning experience – now gives her the edge in New Hampshire, as she’s able to pull all the right pieces together for the wedding day you desire.

From guidance with managing costs to building a timeline, Angela can tackle the growing list of tasks – as well as all of the unknowns – that can often overwhelm engaged couples. And since she’s formed strong relationships with so many vendors across the state, she can easily match their services to your dreams.

What have newly married couples said about their experiences with Angela and her team? They use words like “attentive.” “Fun.” “Responsive.” And even “magical.” Angela listens – and then she makes it all happen.

Your wedding is one of the biggest moments of your life - don't try to figure it all out alone. Discover first-hand how we can make your wedding dreams come true!

Angela’s Approach to Wedding Planning

Angela and her team believe that the best way to start planning your wedding is to simply talk about it – and you!

During your consultation, Angela will chat with you and your partner to discuss your interests and learn more about your personalities. She’s eager to hear about any ideas you have for your big day! And even if you haven’t started the brainstorming process, she’s able to gather key information that can help her get the process moving.

Before signing on, she encourages couples to read reviews about her services here on her website and other sites, like She believes it can offer you a better understanding as to how she engages with couples, their families and guests, and the vendors she works with. In doing so, you may find your situation similar to one that Angela has worked with in the past, giving you more insight into her wedding-planning talents and how she can best serve you. She welcomes all questions regarding any event she’s planned in the past and how she might be able to help you create your own successful event in the future. She’ll even make references available upon request, in case you have follow-up questions regarding her wedding-planning services.

In hiring a wedding planner, it’s also important to find someone whose personality works well with yours. As Angela’s couples can attest to, she’s fun when you want unique ideas and hard working when you need them put into action. The purpose of a wedding planner is to make your event easier and stress-free and Angela has had the good fortune of pulling off amazing events for all types of personalities.


Angela’s wedding expertise, your ideas

Whether you’ve been pinning all the latest trends to your Pinterest board for years or you’re seeking a more traditional, large-scale affair, Angela and her team are up for the challenge of creating a wedding that speaks to exactly who you are. She knows that couples shine the most when they’re comfortable with everything that’s happening around them. A couple that is relaxed at their own wedding will be able to enjoy their day even more!

As a certified wedding planner, Angela keeps on top of the wedding trends – both locally and nationally. If you’re seeking to wow your guests with a modern, personalized event, she knows just where to hold it and exactly which vendors to involve. But if you’ve always envisioned a more traditional ceremony and reception, she excels here, as well. Angela respects that all couples have different views on how their wedding day should proceed, meaning she’ll put all of her effort in to ensure that the event that’s planned is the event you want.

Designing your NH wedding

Angela loves designing all types of New Hampshire weddings, but she and her team have more experience when it comes to seacoast weddings, rustic weddings, and tented outdoor weddings:

  • Seacoast weddings: Create picture-perfect memories when your wedding day is held near the ocean. Ideal for the warmer-weather months, you could opt to go barefoot on the beach or set the scene with the backdrop of the crashing waves from an elegant resort. Angela’s team can weave elements of the locale into your event.
  • Rustic weddings: Often incorporating styles with distressed wood and a neutral color scheme, this event style can be as low key or as elegant as you want to make it! Keep your day casual with hay-bale seating or create swoon-worthy photos when you seat your guests at extra-long dining tables. Angela can fine-tune the details, helping you add hand-painted signs that provide your guests with reception information or incorporating wine barrels into your cocktail tables.
  • Tented outdoor weddings: This option is perfect for couples who want some feeling of a traditional indoor reception, yet the beauty of outdoors. The setting offers couples a fail-safe solution should the weather on your wedding day be less than desirable. From chandeliers or string lights that adorn the top of the tent, the romantic draperies down the sides and a dance floor of any size imaginable, Angela can help create a beautiful experience – from top to bottom.

But, of course, these aren’t Angela’s only areas of expertise. As trends and interests come and go, she and her team continue to be approached by couples who have other ideas in mind, such as:

  • Large-scale receptions: Sometimes, a small event just won’t do. When you want to have hundreds of guests at your gala, you need the right resources that can help you handle such an extravagant affair. Angela has them. From large wedding venues in NH to working with designers who can turn a reception hall into your wedding fantasies, Angela brings you the one-of-a-kind ideas that wedding dreams are made of.
  • NH destination weddings: Lately, Angela has been receiving more requests from couples around the country to help them plan their big day in the Granite State. Whether you’ve always dreamed of a picturesque New England event or you’re returning home to celebrate with loved ones, Angela is mastering the art of helping you create your wedding while you’re out of town. She’s ready to take your calls and answer your emails so that when you arrive in New Hampshire to get married, you experience the exact wedding that you’ve been picturing from afar.

If what you’re looking for isn’t listed here, no problem! Angela has developed countless events of a variety of styles. A phone call with her team can help you confirm that Angela has what it takes to make your ideas happen.

Building a relationship with your wedding planner

Angela is a true professional, and when it comes to vendors, she expects the same from them. She’s formed connections with some of the most in-demand vendors in the region. By investing in her relationships with a variety of vendors, she believes they’re more willing to go above and beyond for her clients. What does that mean for you? It means she knows how to create a team of people working towards the one goal of giving you a completely magical and flawless wedding day.

To have found the type of success in the wedding-planning industry that Angela has means she excels at something many business owners struggle with: communication. She communicates her expectations to her vendors regularly, which has translated to successful events for her couples. Likewise, her communication skills with her clients have also proven to be top notch. It’s already been mentioned how important a skill listening is to her, so that you get the wedding that you want, but it’s also good to know that she’s responsive and will get back to you quickly. This is especially important if you live outside of the area and are traveling to New Hampshire for your wedding: Angela has worked with out-of-town clients before, working even harder to offer suggestions to people who may not be able to visit their wedding location or taste the food before making the trip to the Granite State.

Another plus: honesty. Angela believes in transparency and keeping you informed as events are unfolding. So if an issue pops up with any one of your vendors, she’ll immediately tell you the problem – but she’s just as quick to offer you solutions you can work with. By being honest with her couples, there are fewer surprises along the way, which helps keep everyone satisfied.

Communicating your needs to your wedding planner can also help Angela identify what level of involvement you’re most comfortable with – for both you and her team. By discussing the checklist items that you want to handle on your own, as well as the ones you’re more than happy to hand over to a wedding planner, Angela can help you decide which of her services can lead to a wedding in which you’re proud to host your family and friends.

Angela Desrochers

Founder & Lead Planner


Angela’s professionalism combined with her team mentality and ability to transform clients’ visions into unforgettable celebrations has quickly made her a go-to planner for couples in and around New Hampshire.

Angela launched Angela Marie Weddings in 2014 as a side hustle to give herself a change of pace from her day job. “I instantly fell in love with it.” So Angela confidently made the change from Data Analyst to Wedding Planner. She has since become one of New Hampshire’s premier wedding planners and is regularly booking more than 2 years out.

Cail Desrochers

Director of Marketing & Technology


Cail’s passion for entrepreneurship and business technology, combined with over a decade of marketing experience make his role at Angela Marie Weddings a natural fit. "Angela is using some of the best tools out there for her wedding planning which allows her to provide her couples with a flawless experience."

Cail jumps at any opportunity to talk about not only the amazing weddings Angela has been a part of but also how quickly demand for her services has grown – making her one of the most sought-after planners in New Hampshire in just a few years.