Planning Your Tented Outdoor Wedding

Late spring through early fall, tented outdoor weddings become a popular trend, as milder temperatures offer the potential for a comfortable outdoor wedding with nature offering a stunning backdrop. Tented outdoor weddings also allow couples to put a tent in whatever location they choose¬†(within reason),¬†so they can truly have the destination wedding of their dreams. Some are attracted to the … Read More

7 Reasons to Hire a Professional Wedding Planner

Wedding Planning Portfolio: Hannah & Justin, Traditional Tented Wedding in Newbury, NH

Sure, DIY weddings can be fun, but, really, who has the time for that? As if your schedule weren’t full enough, just getting engaged can add a few additional social events to your calendar – before any of the actual wedding planning begins.  Imagine all the dinners you’ll have to coordinate to announce the exciting news in a personal way. … Read More