Start Off On the Right Foot: Getting Creative With Your Wedding Footwear

At this point, you’ve seen it all (when it comes to wedding footwear), right? Cowboy boots, flip flops, the ever-popular colored Converse – or sparkles everywhere. We are finding fewer traditional heels as couples choose to let their personalities shine through. So the question remains…which shoes fit you? Couples, get ready to accessorize your wedding day attire with an equally … Read More

Staying Calm During the Wedding Planning Process: Take a Break

It’s been a hectic few months getting ready for your wedding and you are stressed to the max. You’re getting pulled in all directions, trying to make everyone happy, making decision after decision, finding dresses, suits, and accessories, communicating with the ceremony and reception coordinator(s), fielding photographer, videographer, and entertainment questions, and so…much…more.  We’re exhausted just reading this list out … Read More

How to Avoid Wedding Party Woes: Setting Expectations for Your Wedding Party

So, it finally happened! The ring is on your hand, and you cannot wait to tell your bestie that they are THE person you want by your side when you marry the love of your life. Whether you have extravagant plans for your wedding or have always dreamed of a smaller, simpler wedding, you likely have a clear vision of … Read More

Creative Wedding Favors Your Guests Can Actually Use

How many weddings have you been to where you have either lost, thrown out, or broken the wedding favor you were given? Have you ever thought, “What a waste of money!”, or “What is the point of favors, anyway?” What if there was an alternate way to ensure your wedding favors would stand the test of time? What if you … Read More

Common and Just Plain Bizarre Terms You May Hear While Planning Your Wedding

Before embarking on your own wedding planning journey, you may have heard some of the more traditional wedding terms, like “altar,” “bridesmaid,” and “rehearsal dinner.” But what about all those other terms you’re now seeing while browsing wedding websites or hearing from your wedding vendors? There are a lot of words associated with weddings, and, depending on how many weddings … Read More

Unique Wedding Ideas: Keep Guests Talking About Your Special Day for Years

Let’s be honest; both you and your partner have probably been to a few weddings and in your head, you’ve thought, “Oh, I’ll never do that at my wedding,” or, “I could have done that way cooler,” or “I definitely want to do that at our wedding, but…” Well, if you are looking for some different, fun, and unique ideas … Read More

Top 6 Wedding Websites Helping Couples Communicate with Guests

One of the most complicated aspects of planning a wedding is often mastering the art of clear communication. There are typically many people involved in planning a wedding, and it’s critical that everyone knows the details of their specific role and how it relates to all of the other moving parts. One thing’s for sure—without clear communication throughout every aspect … Read More

What to Include in Your Wedding Stationery Budget (Yes, You Need One!)

Stationery might not be the first thing that comes to mind when estimating your wedding costs, but it may take up more of your budget than you imagined. Many couples neglect to consider stationery needs in their budgets and are often surprised by what they spend without planning ahead.  According to, the average cost of wedding stationery is about … Read More

Wedding Signs 101: Inspiration to Guide Your Wedding Day Signage

When it comes to wedding day signage, is there really such a thing as having too many signs? We don’t think so. It’s important to let your guests know where everything is, what’s happening, where they are expected to sit, and how they can get involved in all the fun you have planned for them. What better way to do … Read More

7 Tips for Planning a Sustainable Wedding

Photo Credit: Yuri Krivenstoff It’s no secret that the wedding and event planning industry can have a big impact on the environment, so it should come as no surprise that more and more couples are opting for sustainable and eco-friendly weddings these days. If you’re thinking wedding planning can be challenging enough without the added stress of making sure everything … Read More